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VBeam Perfecta laser

VBeam Perfecta laser, Syneron Candela (US/Israel)

The VBam Perfecta pulsed dye laser used at Era Esthetic clinic is considered the ‘gold standard’ for the treatment of vascular lesions and one of the most valued in the world. VBeam Perfecta is used for skin rejuvenation as it contributes to the regeneration of collagen and reduces age-related changes in various types of facial and body epidermis, and so this laser effectively corrects skin wrinkles and other unevenness of different intensity and origin.

The operational principle of VBeamPerfecta pulsed dye laser is an intense laser beam targeting selected problem areas of the skin; this laser beam is absorbed by specific blood vessels that after being affected by the laser pulses disappear. Different laser settings are applied depending on what is being treated, while the comfort of the procedures is guaranteed by the DCD skin cooling system integrated into the laser.