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"I rejoice everyday about being able to contribute to your skin's well-being. By application of the modern Era Esthetic methods, I can more than ever find a solution to your individual needs, choose the most up-to-date and efficient procedures for all your wishes. Sincerely yours, Isabel"

Pasirinkti specialistą

Isabel Barthel


Isabel Barthel

Physician-naturophatic physician

Professional training

  • alexandrite, picosecond pulses, CO2, Nd. YAG Laser Expert
  • HydraFacial
  • body shaping systems: VelaShape and UltraShape Power
  • infusion therapy with natural PASCOE therapeutic substances
  • Venus V-line, skin tightening with thread, SONEWA
  • hyaluronic acid wrinkle injections

Procedures at Era Esthetic

Laser therapy using these systems:

GentleLase – alexandrite laser for long lasting hair removal results

PicoWay and PicoWay Resolve Picosecond laser for the removal of tattoos, scars, pigmental stains, wrinkles, stretch marks

Vbeam dye laser for the removal of pink (Rosazea) spots, reddish and bluish capillaries

Other systems:


Body shaping with VelaShape and UltraShape Power